Scissors have been used in much of human history, possibly as early as 1,000 AD. Despite the changes in shapes, the principle of scissors has stayed the same. Scissors have helped create various hair designs that reflect the time, culture and the fashion. Now with these PHX series scissors, we think that many hair stylists like you would love them as soon as you started using them and will create a new page of history.


Introduction of Craftsman

Naoto Takahashi高橋 直人

craftsman Naoya-Takahashi
1986Entered the Hikari Cutlery Reseach Laboratory Ltd, which makes scissors and run by Fukutaro Takahashi(His father) .
1992Took a position as the second president of the company to keep the art of making scissors.
2000Hikari Cutlery Research Laboratory Ltd, and Hikari Products Japan Co., Ltd.
merged, and New Company Name “Hikari” Co., Ltd. was established.
Became the Vice President and the production manager of the company.
2010Quit the company and started pursuing his dream of passing on the art of scissors as a son of Fukutaro Takahashi who was a master of making scissors.
Which leads to today.

Introduction of Hair designer

Kanya Watanabe渡部 幹也

beauty salon hair designer

He runs a beauty salon "PROSPECT" at Ginza, Tokyo. and he also collaborated with artists from various fields, active in part-time lecturers of beauty industry magazines, hair shows, beauty schools and others. In the theory "Diamond Section" cutting according to the skeleton, always pursue new hair design and expression method.
Many overseas seminars are requested and active as cut lecturers in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and others.


Company profile

Company name: PHOENIX CO.,LTD.
Established in: October 9, 2001
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
CEO: Noritsugu Ebihara
Business add: 5-1-13 Asakusabashi,
Taito-ku, Tokyo
111-0053 JAPAN
Tel:+81-3-5833-2527 JP
Business activities: · Planning, manufacturing and sales of beauty scissors, razors (cut scissors, leather, replacement blades etc).
· Catalog mail order or EC site management.

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